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A New Direction

I believe my photography is about to take a new turn. A new start so to speak. For a while I have been engulfed in that belief that amazing pictures could not be obtained without some kind of help from either post-processing software, or addition of external light sources like Strobes or Constant lights. I have minimized what my greatest asset has already been and what it was that helped me get those occasional amazing captures when I started DSLR photgraphy: Natural Light

I have forgotten a golden rule of photography and got engulfed in the purely technical aspect of shooting. It is always fun to get amazing pictures, when shooting with strobes and no external light meter. I don’t really remember when all this started but I realized just recently that I always try, in every single shot I take to use my flashlights as key lights and always want to overpower the natural light  I have available. This is how ridiculous the situation has become: I live in an apt with huge windows, facing North and I find myself shutting them to stop the light from outside  and using a reflector as a fill light, when it’s bright sunlight outside and I need more light sources at the same time. There is something definitely wrong there.

Something needs to be changed. And more natural light needs to be brought into the equation. This is my next project, and I hope my photography takes a turn for the better.

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