It’s almost impossible now, especially since it’s pretty much summer, to go out to the city, no matter where you live, and not find at least a handful of people walking around, yellow, red, black or blue tinted straps around their necks, and a DSLR.

It seems in my opinion, that there has been an explosion of interest in photography. Whether it’s the casual traveller, the proud family father looking to capture all steps of his chid’s growth, the happy mom at her son’s soccer game. The fact is, if you don’t have a DSLR, you probably know at least one person that does.


I was walking around in Times Square and I couldn’t help but notice all the photography, or more specifically the DSLR action going on around me.


I then had the idea of taking a photograph of everyone I could find snapping a picture or just walking around with a DSLR.


This might turn  into a project eventually. As long as shooting other people with DSLR doesn’t get a bit boring.


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