When I first started my rollercoaster of a love story with photography, I tried my hand at everything. I was overwhelmed  -and really excited I must say- with the avalanche of information that was coming my way. Everything about Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed was fascinating and the more I learned the more I wanted to try. i was inspired by all the Flickr superstars and the pros that posted their photo tutorials on Youtube. Evidently, I want in that industry. So I tried shooting everything: Nature, Street scenes, Food, storms, Insects, trees… You name it, i’ve probably tried shot it. But what I really felt in love with was portraits. Here are a few of my first portrait photographs from that period.

Bad Hair Day III

Shot in front of an elevator at Macy’s. He didn’t want to pose for the pic. As you can see from his uninterested demeanor.

Bad Hair Day II

But since I don’t take No for an answer…. “Thy will oblige eventually”

Bad Hair Day I

Store lighting are sometimes just what you need to light up a beautiful portrait. At the time I was shooting this picture, I had no idea about all these details but they were turning out okay, despite my insisting on shooting entirely on  Manual Settings.

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