I got into the world of Photography and Blogging relatively recently. I was already in college and was looking for better ways to express myself than Twitter and Facebook. Even though I use the other channels, sometimes the very few words you can type or the audience you are trying to reach isn’t always the one you have at the moment.  Photography didn’t come to me as the revelation it is right now, until about a year or two after I started blogging and It started just as a way to compliment my articles. Everyone would agree that looking at pictures makes it easier on the eyes ( and the mind) than just staring at the delightful forms and shapes of an Arial text block.

I was far from knowing that what started as just a blogging complement would take a life on it’s own. Fast forward today and you’ll see that I’ve developed an absolutely loving relationship for the all shapes of the art.  But what I look for in every picture is the Emotion that it communicates. The message is true, sincere, sometimes not interesting, but every photo has something to say to everyone. It’s up to the person seeing the image to decrypt that message to the best of his/her abilities.

There is a lot more to know about me, but for all the rest, you’ll have to read the Blog posts,or just shoot me a direct message.I’m always up for some conversation !