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SmartPhone Photography

It’s no secret that photography has meant a few different things over the years, since the early ages of Black & White up until the DSLR and camera phone years. From questionable chemicals, to Single Lens Technologies and Digital View Finders, we’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. The latest leap in technology came from the relatively recent transition from SLRs to DSLRs in the 1980s. Some people still argue about which of the two mediums is best for taking those so called ” professional shots”.

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Everyone Now has a Dslr?

It’s almost┬áimpossible┬ánow, especially since it’s pretty much summer, to go out to the city, no matter where you live, and not find at least a handful of people walking around, yellow, red, black or blue tinted straps around their necks, and a DSLR.

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A New Direction

I believe my photography is about to take a new turn. A new start so to speak. For a while I have been engulfed in that belief that amazing pictures could not be obtained without some kind of help from either post-processing software, or addition of external light sources like Strobes or Constant lights. I have minimized what my greatest asset has already been and what it was that helped me get those occasional amazing captures when I started DSLR photgraphy: Natural Light

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