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Tag: Photography

My First Portraits from 2012

When I first started my rollercoaster of a love story with photography, I tried my hand at everything. I was overwhelmed  -and really excited I must say- with the avalanche of information that was coming my way. Everything about Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed was fascinating and the more I learned the more I wanted to try. i was inspired by all the Flickr superstars and the pros that posted their photo tutorials on Youtube. Evidently, I want in that industry. So I tried shooting everything: Nature, Street scenes, Food, storms, Insects, trees… You name it, i’ve probably tried shot it. But what I really felt in love with was portraits. Here are a few of my first portrait photographs from that period.

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A New Direction

I believe my photography is about to take a new turn. A new start so to speak. For a while I have been engulfed in that belief that amazing pictures could not be obtained without some kind of help from either post-processing software, or addition of external light sources like Strobes or Constant lights. I have minimized what my greatest asset has already been and what it was that helped me get those occasional amazing captures when I started DSLR photgraphy: Natural Light

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